Zafu / shells of buckwheat

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Meditation cushion, round, cotton cover packed with 5lb 8.1849oz (2,5 kg) shells of buckwheat that will favour comfort and firmness. Equiped with an easy fill opening, you can fill it to your suitability and according to your seat.

Dimensions: 11 x 5 inches (28cm x 12cm)


Your name or the name of your organization (team, etc.) can be embroidered on a sewn on the edge of the zafu (see section embroidery).



100% cotton cover

Shells of buckwheat do not compact themselves, do not desintegrate into dust and do not induce releasing sweat.


Cleaning advice:

Empty the zafu before washing the cover at 86°F (30°C)

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ZSp 38,00 €
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dark brown
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