Jacket without sleeves, completely doubled. 2 front patch pockets.


You can wear your haori over your samui jacket, kimono (Zen) or kolomo. Warm and comfortable. May be embroidered.


  • For the black or navy blue haori you'll haver black fleece lining.

  • For the white haori you'll have white fleece lining.

  • The haori made with gabardin will have lining in the gabardin color you've chosen.



  • 100% cotton twill: cotton thick and very good performance.

  • Serge 35% cotton / 75% Polyester: does not crease.

  • 100% cotton gabardin: lightweight cotton, high performance.




Cleaning advice:

Wash up to 86° F (30° C). A hot wash or too much spin may shrink cotton.

gabardine cotton 100%
Ref. Color State NET price
VH2n black cotton lining 60,00 €
VH2b white cotton lining 60,00 €
VH2bm navy blue cotton lining 60,00 €
VH2mf dark brown cotton lining 60,00 €
Serge 100% cotton
Ref. Color State NET price
VH1n black fleece lining 55,00 €
VH1b white fleece lining 55,00 €
VH1bm navy blue fleece lining 55,00 €
Serge 35% cotton 65% polyester
Ref. Color State NET price
VH3n black cotton lining 57,00 €
VH3b white cotton lining 57,00 €
VH3bm navy blue cotton lining 57,00 €