Worn by the monk or the nun, it is made on the traditional model and lined at the collar. Its finishes are neat both on the front and on the back. It is worn under the kolomo and exceeds it by 12cm. Your name can be embroidered inside the collar (see embroidery section)


Advice: wash at 30 ° cotton, cotton / polyester wash 100% cotton kimonos at 30 ° before use. They are made very long because they lose length in the first wash. washing too hot or with too much spinning causes cotton to shrink.

100% lightweight cotton
Ref. Color NET price
K2ca camel 120,00 €
K2bg beige 120,00 €
K2b white 120,00 €
Poplin 100% cotton
Ref. Color NET price
K1g beige 130,00 €
K1pb white 130,00 €
K1pm navy blue 130,00 €
K1pg anthracite 130,00 €
batiste cotton
Ref. Color NET price
K4b white 140,00 €
100% cotton
Ref. Color NET price
K2c light gray 120,00 €
100% raw silk noil
Ref. Color NET price
K3b ecru 140,00 €
your material
Ref. Color NET price
K5v your choice 80,00 €
waits or hips more than 120cm
Ref. Color NET price
Sup K waist or hip greater than 120cm 12,00 €