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 Made in accordance with tradition, this garment is made from an authentic model from Japan.

Hakama were originally worn only by men, but today they are worn by both sexes.


  • umanori hakama (horse-riding hakama). This is the hakama used in martial arts by both men and women. The umanori type have divided legs, similar to trousers.


The materials are carefully selected to ensure good performance of folds, finishes ensure durability.


The rear has a rigid trapezoidal section (called a koshi-ita), here made of soft plastic.

You can add a plastic hanging tongue inside the front or the back of your hakama, add ref. ACav (front side) and/or ACar (back).


Straps are 4cm large, overstitched

Lenght for the front strap: 4 x waist + 60 to 80cm (second to stoutness)

Lenght for the rear strap: 1 x waist + 80 to 100cm (second to stoutness)

For any particular request, use the section "comments" of your order.



NB: If you want the outer pleats to be overstitched, add the ref PIQE to your order. And for the inner pleats, add the ref PIQI



You can provide me with the fabric of your choice, do not hesitate to ask me for advice.

You can customize your hakama with an embroidered design or name of your choice (see section embroidery). Contact me by e-mail for any particular request or quotation.




  • 100% cotton twill: cotton thick and very good performance.

  • Serge 35% cotton / 75% Polyester: does not crease.

  • 100% cotton gabardin: lightweight cotton, high performance

  • synthetic




Cleaning advice:Wash up to 86° F (30° C). A hot wash or too much spin shrink cotton.If you prefer dry cleaning, mention the trapezoidal plastic section.


Tailor-made. See control panel.

N.B: Your waist or hip measurement is greater than 120cm, an additional 6 € is requested.

In this case add the ref. HA7 to your order.

For leg length, measure from the waist to the floor.


gabardine cotton 100%
Ref. Color State NET price
HA3n black umanori hakama 142,00 €
HA3b white umanori hakama 142,00 €
HA3bm navy blue umanori hakama 142,00 €
HA3m dark brown umanori hakama 142,00 €
Serge 100% cotton
Ref. Color State NET price
HA5n black umanori hakama 137,00 €
HA5b white umanori hakama 137,00 €
HA5bm navy blue umanori hakama 137,00 €
Serge 35% cotton 65% polyester
Ref. Color State NET price
HA1n black umanori hakama 137,00 €
HA1b white umanori hakama 137,00 €
HA1m navy blue umanori hakama 137,00 €
Ref. Color State NET price
HA8n black umanori hakama 132,00 €
HA8bm navy blue umanori hakama 132,00 €
plastic tongue in back side
Ref. Color State NET price
ACar white umanori hakama 3,50 €
plastic tongue in front side
Ref. Color State NET price
ACav white umanori hakama 3,50 €
overstitching outside
Ref. Color State NET price
PIQE   umanori hakama 12,00 €
overstitching inside
Ref. Color State NET price
PIQI   umanori hakama 12,00 €
your material
Ref. Color State NET price
HA6 your material umanori hakama 100,00 €
waits or hips more than 120cm
Ref. Color State NET price
HA7 waist or hip greater than 120cm umanori hakama 13,00 €